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The federal government deploys its sharpest, most accomplished agents and attorneys to prosecute serious federal crimes in Florida. These high-stakes cases can result in decades of prison time and hefty fines. Anyone facing such charges should prepare for their high-stakes case by retaining an experienced, Florida federal defense attorney like David Joffe of Joffe Law, P.A. Securing counsel early is imperative, as investigators will try everything to procure a confession, or obtain evidence that can be used against the defendant in court.

White collar crimes in Florida

The term “white collar” refers to a specific subset of criminal acts that typically involve finance and are generally non-violent in nature. Florida defendants in federal white collar criminal cases are typically businesses and government officials.

Examples of white collar offenses include:

  • corporate fraud
  • healthcare fraud
  • money laundering
  • mortgage and financial institution fraud
  • intellectual property theft and piracy
  • securities and commodities fraud
  • extortion
  • mail fraud
  • wire fraud

White collar cases are most often investigated by the FBI. In some instances, the IRS or SEC may be the only investigating agency. In cases that may involve multiple white collar offenses, two or more federal agencies may work together to investigate. A white collar crime attorney in Florida can help break this down.

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Client charged with importing of two tons of cocaine on a freighter sailing into Miami.


Client was one of four charged with committing crimes as part of a gang.


Client was charged with Trafficking Oxycodone. Probation was negotiated, violated twice, and negotiated again each time.

Sex Crime

Client was charged with soliciting a Minor via the Internet for Sex in Daytona Beach.

Florida drug trafficking cases

Federal drug trafficking charges carry steep penalties for Floridians. Congress has enacted a schedule that specifies sentencing for drug convictions based on the substance, drug quantity, and the convicted party’s prior criminal history. A drug trafficking conviction carries mandatory minimum sentencing, making it imperative that you secure counsel as early as possible. An experienced Florida federal defense lawyer could help you avoid conviction if you are accused of federal drug trafficking.

There are several angles from which a Florida drug trafficking lawyer can counter an allegation. First, the state must prove the accused party knew he or she was in possession of an illegal drug and had the intent to traffick the drug. Next, the constitution requires law enforcement agencies to follow certain guidelines when conducting a traffic stop, searching private property, and seizing evidence. If law enforcement officers violated your constitutional rights when interviewing you or obtaining evidence, any evidenced secured at that time likely can’t be used against you at trial.

Federal agencies will often target drug trafficking organizations by setting up a sting operation. During a sting operation, one or more officers go undercover and pretend to be people who are interested in purchasing drugs or otherwise working with people the law enforcement agency suspects may be involved in the drug trade. An officer engages in an illegal behavior known as entrapment if he or she induces someone to participate in illegal activity in which the individual would not have ordinarily participated. If a court finds that you were induced to participate in drug trafficking activity in Florida, you could be acquitted of the related drug charge.

There are certain limited instances in which a judge may be able to deviate from the mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for a federal drug trafficking conviction. The law includes a “Safety Valve” provision that allows federal judges to sentence below the mandatory minimum under the following circumstances:

  • the convicted party has no more than one criminal history point
  • the individual did not possess a firearm or other dangerous weapon or induce another party to possess a dangerous weapon in committing the crime
  • the crime did not cause death or serious bodily injury to anyone
  • the individual was not the leader, manager, organizer, or supervisors of others in the commission of the offense
  • the individual was not engaged in a continuing criminal enterprise
  • the defendant did not engage in violence or make a credible threat of violence in the course of engaging in the criminal act
  • the individual truthfully provided all information needed in relation to the offense
Why Federal Charges Are So Serious

For most people who are arrested on federal charges, the race to find an experienced Fort Lauderdale federal criminal attorney begins quickly. While it is important to have the help of a federal criminal defense lawyer after being taken into police custody, in many cases, there are even earlier opportunities to get a lawyer involved, to avoid potential damage to  your reputation, personal life and career. By the time an arrest is made, law enforcement agencies have typically worked many hours and likely days to determine whether they will arrest someone in relation to a crime they are investigating. This is especially true of federal crimes.

Hiring a federal attorney as early as possible can pay off later if the individual is eventually required to face charges in court. State and federal statutes often overlap; therefore, knowing the difference between state and federal crimes is essential. Anyone who believes he or she may be suspected of a crime should contact a federal defense lawyer  in Fort Lauderdale to learn more about the nature of the potential charges and to determine the best way to proceed.


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Child pornography cases in Florida

A child pornography accusation can bring about embarrassment and possibly affect your professional and personal life for many years to come. If you have been wrongfully accused of a federal child pornography offense, a federal defense attorney can protect your reputation and defend your rights. Your Florida child pornography defense attorney will choose the best strategy to build the strongest case for your defense.

Federal law makes it illegal to possess, receive, distribute, or produce sexual images of minors, people who are under the age of 18. It is also illegal to knowingly search for or view pornographic images of minors. When you have a federal defense attorney, you will have a legal advocate who can explain the implications of the charges you face and help you successfully prove your case.

Federal child pornography possession

Similar to drug offenses, possession is the foundational act upon which several other related crimes are based. Possession can also be a standalone offense. According to federal law, an individual possesses child pornography if he or she knowingly has personal control of images, videos, or other depictions that show a minor engaging in sexual conduct. An individual may be charged with Possession of Child Pornography if a law enforcement agency finds illegal images:

  • on the person’s computer or mobile device
  • in the individual’s home
  • on property owned or rented by the individual
  • in the individual’s assigned work desk or work computer
  • on a digital file storage device owned or kept by the individual
  • in a digital storage cloud owned or managed by the individual

If you believe you may be under investigation for federal child pornography possession or a related offense in Florida, don’t wait until you are formally charged! Reach out to a federal defense lawyer before you have any further communication with law enforcement. Your attorney can protect your rights throughout the course of the investigation.

Experience matters in federal criminal cases

Joffe Law, P.A. is available to protect you from the difficult charges you’re facing. We thoroughly understand federal child pornography laws and the federal court system. We have the experience and expertise to represent you against highly accomplished federal prosecutors. We will help you put your best foot forward when your case goes before a federal judge. Even if you are accused of a crime, you have rights. We protect our clients’ rights at every stage in the criminal court process.

Contact us to learn more about our successful track record in representing people who are facing federal criminal charges. We will evaluate your case and discuss the best strategies we can use to build the case for your defense.

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