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When a Florida prosecutor brings a white-collar criminal charge against someone, chances are the person will also be charged with one or more additional related white-collar offenses. Fraud generally refers to any type of deceptive scheme or misrepresentation that is intended to obtain a benefit. Most white-collar crimes involve communication by mail, over the phone, or via the internet. For that reason, prosecutors often charge white-collar defendants with mail and/or wire fraud in addition to a related primary offense. In the absence of other criminal activity, mail and wire fraud can also be standalone crimes. Fraud charges can lead to state and federal incarceration along with hefty fines. If you or someone you know may be facing a fraud charges, a Miami wire fraud defense attorney can help.

Mail fraud charges in Miami

Mail fraud occurs when someone uses the mail system to advance a deceptive scheme. Because the U.S. Postal Service is a federal agency, crimes that utilize the U.S. mail system are automatically federal offenses. Private carriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx are also covered by the federal mail fraud statute because the mail is an instrument of interstate commerce. To convict someone on a federal mail fraud charge, a federal prosecutor must prove:

  • the defendant engaged in a scheme with the intent to defraud someone
  • the scheme involved material misrepresentations or omissions
  • the scheme caused or would have caused the loss of money, property, or honest services
  • the defendant used or caused someone to use the U.S. Mail to further the fraudulent scheme
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Common types of mail fraud in Miami

Federal prosecutors often use mail fraud to charge people who are involved in organized crime and other white-collar offenses. Popular schemes that usually involve mail fraud include:

  • land fraud
  • healthcare fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Advertising fake charities
  • inducing victims to pay money for free services

Different schemes target different populations. Some fraudsters prey on vulnerable populations like the elderly. Others take advantage of people who have served in the military. Still, other schemes are designed to defraud small businesses. Schemes that target elderly people offer services at inflated prices or induce seniors to purchase products and services through the mail, but the victim never receives what he or she has purchased. Fraudsters who defraud veterans offer services for sale when the same service may be available to current and former military members for free. Scammers also solicit donations by pretending to be charitable organizations that benefit veterans. Small business owners are often busy and overwhelmed. Fraudsters take advantage by falsifying letters from government agencies and demanding payment for fictitious fees.

Mail fraud and organized crime

In 1961, Congress enacted the International Travel Act to include mail fraud in organized crime cases. The International Travel Act prohibits the use of the postal service to conduct illegal activity or distribute proceeds from illegal activity. The act specifically covers acts in which criminal organizations often participate including:

  • gambling
  • illegally selling and transporting drugs and alcohol
  • bribery
  • corruption involving local officials
  • labor racketeering
  • extortion

Miami wire fraud cases

Wire fraud is the use of telecommunications or the internet in the furtherance of a deceptive scheme. Federal and state laws against wire fraud cover the following modes of communication:

  • phone
  • Fax
  • text messages
  • email
  • social media
  • other forms of electronic media

The telemarketing scheme has become a classic example of wire fraud. Nowadays, fraudsters have several other more efficient means of contacting potential victims. However, the phone remains a tried and proven method of advancing a scheme.

Wire fraud as a secondary offense

Most financial crimes require communication over the phone, via email, by Fax, or on social media. Therefore, a person who is accused of a white-collar offense will generally also be charged with at least one count of wire fraud. Examples of white-collar crimes that typically involve an element of wire fraud include:

If you are under investigation for fraud, a federal criminal defense lawyer in Miami can help you understand the case the government may be seeking to build against you. Contact a wire fraud defense attorney before speaking with law enforcement.

Working for a fraudulent organization

It is not uncommon for organizations that engage in fraud to hire employees like a legitimate business. People who work for these organizations are often unaware of their employer’s involvement with criminal activity. Employees who work for criminal organizations may have seemingly normal jobs that involve making phone calls to customers, filing documents, answering emails, or shipping products. While the job itself may seem legitimate, the workers may be unknowingly corresponding to potential fraud victims and sending falsely advertised products through the mail.

When law enforcement agencies investigate criminal organizations, they sometimes make arrests first and ask questions later. If the police conduct a raid on a criminal organization’s office, the people who work at the office may be arrested or otherwise questioned and investigated by the police. Miami fraud defense attorneys protect the rights of people who are under investigation. People who are formally charged with fraud should never enter a plea without consulting a Florida defense attorney first.

Protecting your reputation against mail and wire fraud charges

Mail and wire fraud charges are serious offenses that result in federal imprisonment if convicted. However, merely being investigated for mail fraud or wire fraud can have a lasting impact on your personal and professional life. People are less inclined to trust someone who has been investigated for fraud. If potential employers hear about your involvement in a fraud investigation as a person of interest, you may be automatically eliminated from the applicant pool.

A Miami mail fraud defense attorney can protect your representation and prevent law enforcement agencies from infringing on your constitutional rights. Whether you are facing a mail fraud or wire fraud charge in Miami or if the police have requested an interview, the time to contact an attorney is now.

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