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In recent years, illegal immigration has made headlines as federal policy has swung dramatically, and people who enter and remain in the country without proper documentation are under more scrutiny than ever. Stories of immigration agents raiding communities, arresting, and detaining undocumented residents have become the norm. Nevertheless, people who remain in the U.S. without proper documentation are not the only people who are at risk. Individuals and organizations that help others enter or remain in the U.S. illegally violate federal immigration law and may be sentenced to decades in prison and ordered to pay large fines. If you find yourself facing related federal charges, immediately contact the Miami alien smuggling defense attorney at Joffe Law, P.A. to discuss your best path forward.

A person who brings or attempts to bring someone into the country illegally may be charged with alien smuggling; the word “alien” refers to any person who is residing in a country in which he or she is not a citizen. A person or group participates in alien smuggling if he or she intentionally does any of the following in relation to someone entering the United States illegally:

  • encourages
  • facilitates
  • transports
  • assists
  • aids
  • abets
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Alien smuggling frequently occurs in Miami

One of the most common immigration-related offenses, alien smuggling is common in the Miami area. Because people who are not legally permitted to relocate to the U.S. must avoid detection, the process of bringing these people into the country is typically very dangerous and requires much more of the people who are being smuggled long after their arrival across the border. Smugglers often transport people in unsafe conditions. The people are sometimes forced to commit other crimes like drug trafficking, money smuggling, or otherwise transporting prohibited items across borders and assisting criminal networks. Upon arrival, many who are smuggled into the country are forced to work in unethical conditions such as sweat shops, and some are even forced to do commercial sex work. Alien smugglers commonly require high fees, and after entering the new country, the people who are smuggled often find that, despite working around the clock, they are unable to pay all the fees the smuggler has requested. Therefore, the federal government takes keen interest in smuggling cases, not only in the interest of preventing illegal immigration, but also to discourage others from taking advantage of the undocumented immigrant population and of those who would like to become landed immigrants.

Transporting or harboring undocumented immigrants

Prosecution for alien smuggling is not limited to those who organize smuggling activities. Those who assist in transporting and concealing aliens may also be charged with a federal alien smuggling offense. People who own or manage housing where aliens are kept by smugglers along with those who operate boats, vans, cars, trucks, and other vehicles that transport aliens across borders and even within the country after entering illegally may also be charged. A Miami alien smuggling attorney can provide legal counsel to third parties who have been contacted by the federal government in relation to a federal smuggling operation.

Related crimes

Alien smuggling is often related to other crimes. People who smuggle aliens typically do so with the intent to make money. People who are smuggled across borders need income to support themselves once they arrive across the border. These factors often lead to people who have been illegally smuggled engaging in illegal activities to pay off debts owed to the smugglers and to make ends meet. Some alien smugglers force the people they smuggle across borders to live and work in a controlled setting, oftentimes in support of other criminal activities. Alien smuggler may also prey on the vulnerable community within which they have contact by offering fraudulent services such as access to visas and work permits and pretending to have the authority to file other documents on the smuggled person’s behalf. Crimes that are often related to alien smuggling include:

Don’t wait: Every minute counts

If faced with a federal charge, the time to act is now. Federal cases involve prosecutors, investigators, and judges who have a very high level of knowledge and experience in their particular fields. Therefore, people who are accused of alien smuggling require the help of a Miami defense attorney whose experience level, professional resources, and capabilities match the demands of a high-stakes federal case. Individuals who are under investigation or who have been formally charged with alien smuggling should contact a Miami alien smuggling attorney as early as possible. It is also critical to have an attorney present during all communication with investigators regarding the case. Having an attorney present can help the accused avoid incriminating themselves or otherwise making statements that may create more legal troubles further down the road.

Making the call to a federal defense attorney

The process of contacting a Miami federal defense attorney is very straightforward. Upon making the first call, a member of the law firm staff will conduct a case evaluation to determine the facts. Next, an attorney will follow up to help the accused party understand the implications of his or her case and the pending charges, if applicable. A Miami alien smuggling defense attorney is available to immediately offer insight from an seasoned legal perspective and to provide high-quality legal representation to individuals who are facing a federal alien smuggling charge.

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Serious federal cases only.

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