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For people who are are accused of a federal drug charge, the stakes are incredibly high. Conviction on a federal drug offense in Miami may result in a defendant facing a lengthy prison sentence in addition to paying hefty fines. Miami residents who are accused of federal drug manufacturing should immediately contact a seasoned federal drug manufacturing defense attorney for to receive trustworthy advice and dedicated legal representation. A person may be charged with federal drug manufacturing if he or she is involved in any step in the process of making or cultivating any drug that is prohibited under federal law. Furthermore, people who sell products or equipment that is used to product the drug may also be charged and convicted on a federal drug manufacturing charge. If you’ve been charged, seek expert help immediately. Always seek the services of an experienced Miami drug manufacturing defense lawyer like David Joffe immediately after your arrest.

The 411 on drug manufacturing charges

There are several elements federal prosecutors must prove before a defendant may be convicted of drug manufacturing. These elements establish the defendant possessed the items required to make the drug and intended to manufacture the drug. A jury may not convict a defendant of drug manufacturing unless the prosecution establishes:

  • the defendant manufactured, distributed, or dispensed a controlled substance OR possessed a controlled substance or possessed with intent to manufacture, dispense, dispense a controlled substance
  • the defendant created, dispensed, or distributed a counterfeit substance or possessed with intent to distribute or dispense a counterfeit substance
  • the defendant did one or more of the above described acts intentionally

For example, if police discover marijuana seeds while searching a building, the seeds alone do not necessarily substantiate a federal drug manufacturing accusation. However, if the police also find grow lamps and hydroponic equipment, the individual is much more likely to be convicted of federal drug manufacturing. Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances under which it may appear that a person is engaging in drug manufacturing despite not meeting the elements required for conviction.

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Lack of knowledge

Knowledge and intent are two critical required components of a drug manufacturing charge. For example, a person may work for someone else who employs him or her to help manufacture pills without informing the employee that the facility lacks authorization to manufacturer the pills or that the pills are actually an illegal substance such as ecstasy. If the accused is not aware that he or she is manufacturing an illegal substance or if the accused accidentally mixes chemicals that yield a controlled substance, he or she may not be convicted of drug manufacturing under federal law.


Similar to many other crimes that are subject to sting operations, entrapment is an available defense in drug manufacturing cases. An attorney may argue entrapment if his or her client is induced by law enforcement to commit a crime in which he or she would not have otherwise engaged. For example, a person who has a past history of drug manufacturing may meet an undercover police officer who is working to uncover a drug manufacturing ring. If the police officer learns that the individual needs money to pay legal fees and repeatedly attempts to persuade the defendant to engage in drug manufacturing to pay off the legal expenses, if the defendant eventually agrees to engage in drug manufacturing activities, his or her attorney may successfully argue the individual would not have committed the crime in the absence of the undercover officer’s aggressive persuasion.

Illegal search

In some cases, police may discover items the prosecution would like to introduce as evidence through an unconstitutional search. If police discover evidence in the defendant’s home, car, or other property without having probable cause, obtaining the owner’s consent, or obtaining a search warrant, the evidence is inadmissible in court. In a small percentage of cases, law enforcement may mislead a person into allowing a search or otherwise overstep the boundaries of a constitutional search. In these cases, a Miami federal drug manufacturing defense lawyer may argue on the client’s behalf for the illegally-obtained evidence to not be allowed at trial. If the prosecution’s most compelling evidence was not obtained through constitutional means, the government may ultimately be unable to establish its case against the defendant.

When do you need the help of a federal lawyer?

Drug cases are incredibly complex; therefore, people who are accused of a federal drug offense must seek out experienced legal counsel. Most people think of a defense lawyer as a legal professional who appears in court beside the defendant. Beyond providing representation, a drug manufacturing defense lawyer can help people who are accused understand the criminal court process and make better decisions regarding their legal options. Attorneys also protect their clients’ constitutional rights against law enforcement overstep and helps the accused avoid unnecessarily making statements that may result in self-incrimination. In federal cases, the stakes are especially high; therefore, no one should face federal drug manufacturing charges in Miami without consulting a private practice defense attorney.

Help is just a call away

Many defendants may not understand the important differences between being represented by a court-appointed attorney and choosing to work with their own Miami defense lawyer. Court-appointed attorneys tend to acquire a great deal of experience due to their extensive workloads; however, they often do not have enough time to dedicate to each defendant’s case and explore all options to help the defendant receive the best outcome. In contrast, defendants who have their own attorney reap the benefits of having an advocate who will spend time helping the accused understand what is happening in his or her case and evaluate the available legal options. Regardless the surrounding circumstances, every defendant should contact a Miami defense lawyer specializing in federal drug crimes to receive a free case evaluation and to determine potential next steps in the defendant’s federal drug manufacturing case.

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Serious federal cases only.

Serious federal cases only.

Serious federal cases only.

Serious federal cases only.