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Federal criminal charges require the help of a skilled defense attorney who can defend you against some of the most talented prosecutors and seasoned judges. Many crimes can be prosecuted in the state and federal criminal court systems. However, federal crimes carry strict sentencing and may potentially result in a convicted defendant spending years in federal prison. In addition to going to prison, the defendant may also be ordered to pay substantial fines. David Joffe is South Florida’s dependable federal criminal defense attorney. Joffe Law represents federal court defendants in Parkland FL and surrounding areas.

How crimes become federal criminal cases

Most crimes are prosecuted by the state. However, the federal government will assume jurisdiction over a criminal matter if:

  • the crime involved or was investigated by a federal agency
  • the crime took place on federal property
  • the criminal activity crossed state lines
  • the criminal activity involves another country

It is important to note that the federal and state government may simultaneously have jurisdiction over a criminal matter. Therefore, the defendant may be charged and convicted in federal and state court separately. As a result, the defendant may face two sets of charges for the same criminal activity without either case violating the Constitution’s double jeopardy clause.

Harsher penalties for federal crimes

One of the most critical differences between federal and state criminal charges is the potential to spend a longer time in prison and pay more in fines. Certain federal crimes like drug offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences. When mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines apply to a charge, sentencing courts are required by law to impose a specified minimum prison sentence in the event of a conviction.

Mandatory minimum sentences remove the judge’s ability to exercise discretion over a convicted defendant’s sentence. Therefore, the court may not consider evidence of a defendant’s character or other factors that may otherwise persuade the court to modify the defendant’s sentence.

Having a knowledgeable and skilled Parkland federal criminal defense lawyer can make a substantial difference in high-stakes cases that may involve minimum mandatory sentences. Your attorney may be able to disprove the charges against you or successfully argue to have your charge reduced to a lesser sentence that does not have a mandatory minimum sentence.

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Agencies that investigate federal crimes

The federal government has several agencies that investigate crimes. However, the U.S. Attorneys Office is the group of lawyers that prosecute every federal criminal case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is probably the most famous agency that investigates crimes on behalf of the federal government. However, the FBI is only the beginning when it comes to the extensive list of federal law enforcement agencies. We’ve compiled a list of federal investigative agencies. Some agencies on the list are obvious choices while others may not be the first group you think of when you imagine law enforcement.

Department of Homeland Security

Most often referred to as Homeland Security or DHS, the Department of Homeland Security was established during the George W. Bush administration through passage of the Homeland Security Act of 2002. Congress enacted the law that created the agency in response to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. At its inception, the agency’s main priority was to detect, prepare for, and prevent terrorism against the United States. The federal government consolidated several other agencies under the main umbrella of Homeland Security. Some of those agencies include:

  • Customs Service
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Transportation Security Agency
  • Federal Computer Incident Response Center
  • Coast Guard
  • Secret Service

Criminal defendants who are accused of violating the law in any of the areas Homeland Security investigates may be investigated, questioned, and have their property raided by DHS. The Department of Homeland Security also works with other government agencies that cover areas that may intersect with a DHS investigation.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) was created to investigate alcohol-related crimes during Prohibition. Initially, the agency was part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and transferred to the Department of Justice when alcohol sales were outlawed in the U.S. After Prohibition ended, ATF was made an independent agency within the Treasury Department. Today, ATF’s main function is to investigate and prevent federal offenses that involve the unlawful use, manufacture, and possession of firearms and explosives. The agency also investigates arson and the illegal trafficking of tobacco and firearms products. ATF conducts most of its work in cooperation with state and local law enforcement agencies across the country.

Drug Enforcement Administration

Established in 1973 during the Nixon Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) enforces the federal drug laws and consolidates and coordinates federal drug control activities. The DEA shares intelligence with the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and other police information systems. In addition to investigating and preventing drug-related crimes, the DEA also operates the authorization system that allows entities to import, export, manufacture, and distribute controlled substances authorized by the federal agency.

Securities and Exchange Commission

After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, Congress enacted the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which created the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). There are three main objectives to the SEC’s overall mission:

  • protecting investors
  • maintaining fair, orderly, efficient markets
  • facilitating the formation of capital formation

There are six divisions within the SEC. The Corporate Finance Division oversees corporate mergers and acquisitions and the public disclosures made by companies. To create a more level playing field for investors, the SEC maintains the Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval System (EDGAR).

Internal Revenue Service

Most people associate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with requiring businesses and individuals to file a yearly tax return. However, the IRS plays a vital role in investigating criminal organizations. In the course of collecting tax revenue, the IRS discovers and investigates tax crimes. Criminals and illegal organizations often conceal the illicit proceeds in ways that violate federal tax laws. Therefore, the IRS is often able to detect criminal activity like money laundering, drug trafficking and distribution, and human trafficking by investigating tax evasion and other related financial crimes.

Parkland criminal defense attorney for federal crimes

We represent defendants in Parkland and surrounding areas in various federal criminal matters. Our clients’ cases range from financial crimes to drug-related crimes, and sex offenses. Below are some of the cases we often see at Joffe Law.

White collar offenses

David Joffe is thoroughly experienced in representing Parkland FL residents who have been accused of white collar crimes. White collar offenses are typically financially motivated and are not usually violent in nature. Some of the cases our white collar crime lawyers handle involve:

  • fraud
  • money laundering
  • embezzlement
  • bribery
  • insider trading
  • PPP Loan fraud

Whether you are under investigation or if you are facing federal charges, we offer legal representation at every stage in the federal criminal court process.

Federal drug crimes in Parkland

We have the experience and legal expertise to represent people who are accused of very serious drug offenses. Some of the charges we have successfully defended clients against in the past include:

  • drug trafficking
  • drug manufacturing
  • drug distribution
  • prescription drug offenses
  • conspiracy to traffick illegal narcotics

You may feel like the odds are stacked against you, but there are several ways a federal defense lawyer can challenge a major federal drug charge. Our Parkland federal drug defense lawyer will carefully examine the facts of your case and advise you of the best legal strategies that may be helpful to your case.

Child pornography defense lawyer in Parkland FL

Being accused of having involvement with child pornography can cause embarrassment, affect your professional reputation, and damage your personal relationships. The people in your community may no longer trust you. If you are going through a divorce or share custody of your children, your visitation rights may be affected. Your case may even be publicized by the local or national new media. Unfortunately, these things may still happen even if you are found innocent. Parkland child pornography lawyer David Joffe protects the rights of people who have been wrongfully accused of sex crimes in South Florida.

We recommend choosing to work with a defense lawyer from the moment you discover you may have a legal problem. Your Parkland sex crimes defense attorney can help you navigate the difficult landscape of a child pornography case. Our attorney knows how you safeguard your constitutional rights and prevent potentially damaging accusations from harming your reputation if you haven’t been formally charged. If you are facing criminal charges, your attorney will advise you throughout the criminal process and build a strong case for your defense. Some of the child pornography cases we handle involve:

  • child pornography possession
  • possession with the intent to distribute child pornography
  • child pornography distribution
  • production of child pornography
  • use of a minor in a sexual performance
  • teen sexting law violations

Fighting a federal charge in Parkland

There are several ways a defense attorney may defend you against a federal criminal charge. Your defense lawyer’s strategy will depend on the specific facts of your case. Some of the common defense strategies attorneys often use are:

  • the defendant’s alibi
  • police conducted an illegal search
  • police illegally seized evidence
  • the defendant is legally insane
  • the statute of limitations has expired
  • the defendant’s constitutional rights have been denied or violated

Federal plea deals

In some cases, a federal prosecutor may offer a defendant a plea deal. Although it may be tempting to avoid trial and accept any offer the prosecution presents, you should never accept a plea deal without first speaking with a knowledgeable federal defense lawyer. We will work with you to determine whether a plea deal is in your best interest. If a plea deal is a favorable option and also the legal strategy you would prefer, we will negotiate the best deal on your behalf. You can trust our defense lawyer to always have your best interest as our top priority when we represent you.

Protecting your rights

The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure govern the criminal process in the federal system. There are times when judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers may intentionally or unintentionally violate one or more of the federal procedural rules. The average layman is less likely to recognize a violation of his or her legal rights during the criminal process. For that reason, the Constitution guarantees every criminal defendant the right to attorney representation and counsel. Nevertheless, all attorneys are not equal when it comes to choosing a lawyer for your federal case.

If you have been accused of a federal crime, you need a lawyer who knows the system and has demonstrated the ability to win a criminal case in federal court. Not only does David Joffe have the track record of success, but Joffe Law also has the resources and professional relationships you want to have on your side as a federal criminal court defendant. When you are represented by Joffe Law, you can feel at ease knowing you have experienced, dedicated, well-respected legal professionals fighting your battle in court.

Federal appeals lawyer in Parkland

After a federal conviction, you still have options. Every criminal court defendant who has been convicted for a crime may file an appeal. The federal appeals process can be very lengthy and challenging. If you want to increase the likelihood of winning your appeal, an experienced federal appeals lawyer in Parkland can ensure you meet the stringent filing requirements and present your case on its strongest merits.

Contacting Joffe Law, P.A. for Parkland federal criminal charges

There is no wrong time to seek legal advice if you believe you may be facing a federal charge. We represent people who have been contacted regarding a criminal investigation, defendants who have been formally charged for a crime, and defendants who have been convicted and are seeking post-conviction legal options. Contact Joffe Law today to learn more about our successful track record in handling federal cases. A member of our team will conduct a confidential interview to learn more about your case.

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