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In Florida, financial crimes are treated seriously. With recent technological advances and current economic changes, instances of bank fraud are more common than ever before. It’s defined as the execution of an action which defrauds a financial institution. it is a federal criminal offense and may carry very severe penalties. These penalties could include prison sentences lasting several years or even decades, as well as fines that may reach $1 million. If you have been accused of or believe that you may face allegations of this type of fraud in Hillsborough County, retaining a Tampa bank fraud attorney immediately is critical. Joffe Law, P.A. has an extensive team of expert federal criminal attorneys who are familiar with the complexities that surround cases involving financial fraud.

How is federal bank fraud proven?

To be convicted of federal bank fraud in Florida, prosecutors must prove:

  • Fraudulent pretenses: It must be shown that the defendant either attempted to successfully execute or successfully executed a scheme designed to intentionally defraud a financial institution for monetary gain or to gain other assets like property or other valuable materials.
  • Willful intent: Feds must show that the accused acted willfully and with clear intent to defraud an institution.
  • Federal status: Prosecutors must also show that the institution in question was federally chartered and insured.
  • Deceptive pretenses: It must also be proven that the defendant made false representations that were either fraudulent in nature or made under false pretenses.
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Bank fraud in Hillsborough County

Individuals who have been charged with federal bank fraud in Tampa and elsewhere in Hillsborough County will usually also face other charges or allegations that also fall under the classification of white collar fraud. These crimes are defined as illegal acts that are deceitful in nature, non-violent, and result in the fraudulent gains of property, valuables, tradable materials or money. They can involve a wide array of complex transactions that may be difficult to track or be achieved through schemes or scams of some kind. The federal agency primarily responsible for tracking and recording criminal actions is the FBI. Anyone who has been involved in or believes they may be associated with situations where fraud has occurred should retain a bank fraud defense attorney in Tampa as soon as possible.

Credit card fraud

Fraud involving credit cards generally involves criminal activity in which deceitful or unauthorized funds have been obtained by using a credit or check card. Applying for a credit card with information known to be false, inaccurate, or stolen is also considered to be credit card fraud. Credit cards may also be counterfeited by using stolen information. Purchasing items with the credit card of another person without their permission is another form of credit card fraud. Purchasing stolen credit card account information is also a common act of credit card fraud. Recently, Florida has seen a significant influx of fraudulent credit card activity. Because of this, state and federal agencies have actively been pursuing individuals suspected of criminal activity involving crimes of this nature.

Money laundering

The crime of money laundering involves the transfer or concealment of funds by use of false business practices or foreign banks. Money laundering crimes may be prosecuted at both federal and state levels and can carry significant and well-defined penalties if charges lead to convictions. When someone attempts to hide the source of gains received by committing criminal activity, the money laundering charges may also apply. Money “washing” is another form of money laundering. This process involves creating a false business front to make it appear as if funds have been gained legally. Money laundering cases can be complex, especially in situations where small businesses are not intentionally trying to engage in fraudulent activity.

Securities fraud

Securities fraud generally refers to occurrences of falsified or misleading information being given to stockholders from financial analysts. Other examples of securities fraud in Tampa include insider trading, intentionally misleading investors, and different types of stockbroker corruption. For example, false stock market projections may be made to stick holders or potential investors for purposes of financial gain. The most common industry impacted by securities fraud is the stock exchange. Securities fraud cases have increased substantially in the last decade. This is due, in part, to the accessibility of information available from recent advances in modern mainstream technology. There are many cases in which securities fraud allegations have been proven to be false.

The right representation for your federal criminal case

Having an experienced Tampa fraud attorney working on your defense can dramatically impact the outcome of your case. At Joffe Law, P.A., our criminal attorneys can walk you through every step of the process. Having expert legal representatives in your corner is the best way to ensure a better outcome for any case. Federal bank fraud cases can be complex and may require high amounts of attention and care. Our bank fraud lawyers in Tampa are ready to take your unique case into careful consideration and provide it with the focus that it deserves and demands.

Serious federal cases only.

Serious federal cases only.

Serious federal cases only.

Serious federal cases only.

Serious federal cases only.