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If you’ve been charged with prescription drug fraud in, your freedom and future are on the line. Prosecutors pursue this type of federal drug case aggressively, and you need an experienced West Palm Beach prescription drug fraud attorney on your side to ensure that your case receives fair treatment, and that you achieve the outcome your case deserves.

Can prescription drugs really lead to charges?

Prescription medications can be life-saving for some people, but they can also lead to legal trouble. Prescription drug fraud in West Palm Beach is on the rise, and the penalties for being convicted of this crime can be severe.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to find yourself charged with prescription drug fraud if you have visited multiple doctors for the same ailment or if you’ve attempted to pick up someone else’s prescription. Being wrongfully accused or convicted of prescription drug fraud can be life-changing, so it’s crucial to have an attorney on your side to defend your good name.

How is prescription drug fraud defined in Florida?

Florida law defines prescription drug fraud as the act of altering or forging a prescription with the intent to obtain medicinal drugs fraudulently. Additionally, the act of knowingly obtaining multiple prescriptions from various doctors for the same medication or deceiving a doctor about a medical ailment in order to obtain a prescription can also be considered prescription drug fraud.

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Can prescription drug fraud be a federal offense?

Federal statutes can apply to prescription drug fraud cases depending on the circumstances. If state lines were crossed in the commission of a criminal act, federal authorities may file charges separately from the state of Florida.

This means that you could potentially face federal and state charges for prescription drug fraud. While federal often trumps state, the rule of dual sovereignty does allow for both entities to file charges and seek separate convictions, making it essential to retain an expert federal defense attorney immediately after you’re arrested.

Penalties for prescription drug fraud in West Palm Beach

Penalties for prescription drug fraud in West Palm Beach can be severe. In general, prescription drug fraud is a third-degree felony in Florida. Depending on the nature of your case and the amounts of prescription drugs involved, you may face prison time as well as fines and fees.

A couple of penalties for prescription drug fraud in Florida include:

  • prescription tampering – 3 years in prison/$5,000 fine
  • filling out a fraudulent prescription – 3 years in prison/$5,000 fine

If you are convicted of subsequent prescription drug fraud charges, fines, fees and prison sentences can go up. You may also be subject to mandatory minimum sentences.

Drug trafficking charges may be a concern

Drug trafficking charges in West Palm Beach may also be supplied by the state if certain quantities of prescription drugs are involved in your case. Florida makes little distinction between your intent to sell or simply transfer illicit substances. All that’s needed for a drug trafficking charge to be supplied is for the quantity of a controlled substance to rise above the limit for a simple possession charge.

In such cases, cases and penalties can become more complex. These types of situations often call for legal representation from an experienced drug trafficking defense attorney. Your attorney can help you work through the details of your unique case and provide you with options to move forward with your life.

Can I be charged for attempting to pick up someone’s prescription?

Everyone is busy these days, and you might think you’re being a good friend or family member by attempting to pick up someone’s prescription for them. In fact, you may even claim to be that person in order to make things faster.

In Florida, doing this is a chargeable offense. If you attempt to pick up someone’s prescription by claiming to be that person or by invoking other means that could be considered fraudulent, you may be charged with prescription drug fraud.

Can I be charged for visiting different doctors?

Another common reason people find themselves facing prescription drug fraud charges in West Palm Beach is due to visiting different doctors for the same ailment. This practice, known in the justice system as “doctor shopping”, can be considered a crime if you are visiting multiple doctors in an attempt to receive multiple prescriptions.

Plenty of innocent people get caught up in these kinds of charges when all they are trying to do is find the right doctor with whom they feel the most comfortable. If you’ve visited multiple doctors and you’re now being accused of and charged with prescription drug fraud, a defense attorney in West Palm Beach can help.

Can I represent myself?

As an American citizen, you always have the right to represent yourself in legal matters, but whether you should or not often comes down to experience, education and training. The justice system is complicated and complex, and the state has well-trained attorneys on its side whose sole objective is to get a conviction. If you don’t have a team of attorneys on your side to ensure a solid defense strategy is employed, you may be at a disadvantage.

There are multiple phases to most criminal trials, and things aren’t always as cut-and-dried as they appear on TV. Your case will likely require research, negotiations, discussions with the prosecution, multiple hearings and more, and all of this is before your case ever even reaches a courtroom.

In court, one wrong move or a slip of the tongue could potentially jeopardize your case, so it’s recommended to allow an attorney to act on your behalf. This protects your interests and improves the odds that all evidence will be presented fairly and accurately.

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