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Credit and debit cards are used for purchases by retail and online shoppers throughout West Palm Beach. Because of the prevalence of these payment options, card vendors, retailers and banks are keeping a closer eye on transactions than ever before. Due to today’s enhanced security measures, it can be easy to find yourself accused of credit card fraud when you’ve simply engaged in normal commerce.

The West Palm Beach credit card fraud attorneys at Joffe Law understand the complicated nature of credit card fraud cases. When you partner with our defense firm, you receive one-on-one counsel and representation to protect your name, your assets and your freedom after being accused of credit card fraud.

The importance of hiring a credit card fraud defense attorney

West Palm Beach residents accused of credit card fraud oftentimes find themselves feeling intimidated and overwhelmed after being arrested. The fact is that local, state and even federal law enforcement agencies may be involved in an investigation. Additionally, credit card companies, banks and retailers may also employ their own investigators who will likely inquire about suspected fraud cases.

You may feel pressured and intimidated by all of these people into admitting to something you didn’t do. You may be told that if you accept the charges, everything will go a lot smoother or you’ll be offered leniency. While it can seem tempting to give in to the pressure, you’re encouraged to work with a credit card defense attorney instead.

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How an attorney can help

Your lawyer can answer questions on your behalf, stand by your side during any interviews you’re required to give and provide you with customized legal strategies to ensure you receive fair treatment by investigators and the court. If you are required to appear before a judge or jury, your attorney and their team can offer representation to allow you to gain peace of mind in knowing that a competent legal expert will handle virtually all of the talking for you.

What does the law say about credit card fraud in West Palm Beach?

The laws that govern credit card fraud in West Palm Beach can be found in Florida’s criminal statutes. These statutes lay out the definition for actions considered to be credit card fraud, and such actions include using someone else’s card without consent, forging signatures during the use of a fraudulent card and attempting to gain monetary value through fraudulent means using a credit card.

Like with other criminal laws in West Palm Beach, credit card fraud charges typically rely on intent and knowledge of wrongdoing in order to prove guilt. These are things that can be defended against, and your credit card defense lawyer can help you craft strategies to provide such a defense.

Someone else used my identity or card fraudulently

One common way that West Palm Beach residents find themselves facing credit card fraud charges is through theft. If someone steals your card or identity and engages in fraudulent activity, you may end up getting the blame. Your credit card fraud attorney can prevent this from happening by presenting all relevant facts on your behalf to the appropriate authorities.

Penalties for credit card fraud in West Palm Beach

Criminal penalties can vary for credit card fraud in West Palm Beach. Variables that affect penalties can include:

  • the amount of money involved
  • prior criminal convictions and past credit card fraud
  • whether identity theft or violence were factors in the commission of fraud

In some cases, credit card fraud is a felony, meaning penalties are higher than for misdemeanor crimes. Repeat felonies carry even higher sentences and may subject you to mandatory minimum sentences. Depending on prior convictions and the nature of the credit card fraud of which you are accused, Florida’s “three strikes” statutes may be invoked.

Below are some examples of penalties for credit card fraud in Florida according to the Criminal Punishment Code:

  • 5 years in prison
  • 5 years of probation
  • up to a $5,000 fine

The above penalties can vary based on the individual factors of your case. Some penalties could be more intensive while others could be less. Your attorney can walk you through what to expect in your specific scenario.

Credit card fraud and cybercrime

If a card was used to commit fraud over the Internet, the crime may be deemed a cyber crime. In these situations, federal authorities may become involved in your case. This can not only increase the level of scrutiny your case receives, but it can also dramatically increase the level of penalties you may face.

In addition, federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) could be involved in investigating your case. This can add an additional layer of legal challenges that need to be managed. If you’ve found yourself facing federal charges for credit card fraud in West Palm Beach, you’re strongly advised to retain counsel from a credit card defense law firm.

Drug trafficking and prescription drug fraud

If credit card fraud occurred in concert with the manufacture or distribution of controlled substances or prescription medications, charges and penalties may go up dramatically. Often times, drug trafficking and prescription drug fraud charges will follow credit card fraud charges as the these offenses may take place as a result of one another. This makes it all the more important to have an attorney who specializes in drug trafficking defense and prescription drug fraud defense on your side if your case involves these charges.

Schedule your consultation with a credit card fraud lawyer in West Palm Beach

At Joffe Law, our West Palm Beach credit card fraud defense attorneys are available to assist you through the various challenges you may be facing. Our federal defense lawyers have experience working within the Florida legal system as well as within the federal criminal justice system. Relying on years of experience, your attorney can craft targeted defense strategies that can be employed before, during and even after court to ensure you receive the most advantageous outcome.

To schedule your confidential consultation, call a credit card fraud defense attorney at our frim in West Palm Beach. We’re available at (561) 800-0255 24 hours a day.

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