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Owning a home is part of the American dream, but that dream can quickly become a nightmare when mortgage fraud issues become involved. Mortgage fraud in West Palm Beach can lead to very complex legal matters, and finding yourself charged with mortgage fraud can be a harrowing experience.

At Joffe Law, our experienced West Palm Beach mortgage fraud lawyers are here to offer clarify, peace of mind and guidance. We provide dedicated representation to clients who have been wrongfully accused and charged with mortgage fraud, and we can handle all of the complicated maneuvering required to clear your name and ensure that you receive fair treatment under the law.

How Does Florida Define Mortgage Fraud?

Florida’s mortgage fraud laws focus on the intent to deceive during the mortgage process. In most cases, this applies to people seeking a mortgage, but mortgage fraud can also be invoked when selling a home as long as a mortgage is involved and accusations of intentional fraud have been levied. Providing intentional misstatements or knowingly omitting facts on a mortgage application or when filing mortgage paperwork with a city, county or state government can result in mortgage fraud charges.

Furthermore, receiving funds or property that are a consequence of mortgage fraud can also result in charges. These types of matters often involve multiple people and can be very involved cases. Regardless of the circumstances, retaining the services of a mortgage fraud attorney is going to provide you with options to create defense strategies which target the specific charges in your case.

The penalties for mortgage fraud in West Palm Beach

Depending on the facts of a case, mortgage fraud penalties in West Palm Beach can range from relatively mild to severe. Factors that can affect mortgage fraud penalties include:

  • the amount of money involved in a questionable transaction
  • the lending institution which holds the mortgage lien
  • prior convictions and co-occurring offenses

If convicted of mortgage fraud in West Palm Beach, you may face penalties that include the following:

  • mortgage fraud over $100,000 – 2nd degree felony, $10,000 fine/15 years in prison
  • mortgage fraud under $100,000 – 3rd degree felony, $5,000 fine/5 years in prison
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Civil penalties in Florida mortgage fraud cases

Another thing to consider in mortgage fraud cases originating in West Palm Beach is the potential for civil litigation and penalties. In some cases, you may be sued civilly in a mortgage fraud case related to financial matters, property damage, legal fees and more. While this is a separate matter from criminal mortgage fraud proceedings, it is worth noting that even if you are successful in defending your case in criminal court, the potential for civil litigation exists.

Possible related federal charges

Mortgage fraud may not involve drug crimes directly, but charges for prescription drug fraud or  drug trafficking can be associated with mortgage fraud charges. This happens when someone claims or uses funds from drug trafficking or prescription drug manufacturing in the mortgage process.

If you have been charged with mortgage fraud in connection with drug trafficking or prescription drug fraud, you need a dedicated team of legal experts on your side. These matters can be very complicated and often require deep research in order to disprove guilt.

‘I sold my home, but now I’m being charged with mortgage fraud’

If you’ve sold a home, you already know that the process can be complicated. During the home selling process, it can be easy to omit certain facts due to all of the commotion going on and meetings required to close the deal. Perhaps you negated to mention specific facts about your existing mortgage obligations.

In these cases, a mortgage fraud defense attorney can assist you in defining legal strategies to protect your interests in court. You can bet that the lending company or real estate firm will have lawyers on its side, so why shouldn’t you partner with experienced West Palm Beach federal criminal defense attorney to defend yourself as well?

My lender claims I engaged in fraudulent statements. What can I do?

Seeking out a mortgage loan comes with the need to produce many documents. During this process, it can be easy to forget to include certain information or to provide inaccurate information. Unfortunately, doing so may lead to mortgage fraud charges. You may be accused of providing false information on an application or forging certain documents related to debts or income.

Once again, the issue comes down to intent in most mortgage fraud matters, and an attorney can help you to demonstrate your lack of guilt. An expert criminal defense attorney can help you to unravel your case, create defense strategies that target the truth and provide the court with evidence needed to clear your name.

Contact a mortgage fraud defense attorney in West Palm Beach

If you’re facing mortgage fraud charges after being arrested in West Palm Beach, the federal defense lawyers at Joffe Law can help. We provide targeted representation in complex legal matters, and we can work with you to address the specific charges you’re facing in order to bring about the most advantageous outcome in your case. Our West Palm Beach mortgage fraud attorneys will meet with you personally to discuss your case, serve as your representative during all legal proceedings and interviews and provide representation before a judge and/or jury should your matter go to court.

To schedule your consultation with West Palm Beach mortgage fraud attorney David J. Joffe, call us at (561) 800-0255. We’re available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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