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Human trafficking is on the rise across the United States, and feds aggressively prosecute related cases. Charges of human trafficking are very serious, with penalties including decades in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. If you have been arrested and charged — or suspect you might be in the future — immediately consult with an expert human trafficking defense lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Sometimes innocent people find themselves charged with human trafficking simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or they associated with unfamiliar individuals. The experienced West Palm Beach human trafficking defense attorneys at Joffe Law stand ready to provide dedicated and targeted strategies to protect the interests of those accused of facing these serious federal charges.

What is human trafficking?

Florida and federal laws define human trafficking is defined as the use of coercion for labor, services or sexual activity. Human trafficking statutes also include the physical transport of human beings from one place to another for the purposes of using labor or services under threat of violence. Those harboring individuals who are being trafficked also can face federal charges.

How does human trafficking differ from kidnapping?

Kidnapping is the crime of holding people against their will, and this charge usually involves physical force. Human trafficking is the act of using coercion to exploit labor.

While physical force may be involved in human trafficking, it does not need to be a direct component of a case in order for a charge of human trafficking to be supplied by law enforcement. Kidnapping charges may be added when cases involve the use of force to hold someone against his or her will during the commission of the crime.

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Does human trafficking have to involve sexual activity?

Human trafficking may involve the exploitation of sexual activity, but this is just one component of the federal crime. If sexual activity is involved in a human trafficking scheme, sex crimes charges may be levied against the individuals suspected of human trafficking. As such, potential penalties may increase, making the need for a skilled federal defense attorney all the more important.

How has the Internet changed human trafficking?

The Internet has made it much easier to engage in human trafficking in recent decades, but it has also made it easier than ever to become the victim of human trafficking and sex trafficking. People often become victimized by human trafficking rings after being lured by Internet ads or promises of employment.

Once a victim arrives at a predetermined destination, they are then informed that they are expected to perform services under threat of violence or retaliation against friends or family. Blackmail may also be a component in a human trafficking case.

When human trafficking involves digital communications, additional complications may arise, further necessitating the services of an experienced defense attorney. Likewise, additional charges may follow if communications laws are suspected of being broken in a human trafficking case.

Florida’s penalties for human trafficking

Penalties for human trafficking in West Palm Beach can vary depending on the circumstances of the case and the severity of the purported crime, but all can be severe. West Palm Beach human trafficking cases are subject to Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code, which is a series of statutes that applies to felony offenses. This Code assigns a numerical value to crimes based on severity. Higher scores lead to more intensive penalties. Additional charges and previous convictions can add to the score.

Below are some examples of penalties for human trafficking in Florida:

  • human trafficking involving coercion – Up to 30 years in prison
  • human trafficking involving physical restraint w/ coercion – Up to 30 years in prison plus additional time for kidnapping
  • human and sex trafficking w/ a person deemed mentally handicapped – Life in prison

Because the penalties for human trafficking in West Palm Beach can be so severe, individuals accused of and charged with this crime are strongly encouraged to work with a legal defense team. How you approach your defense in court can have a great impact on your future, and going it alone in such serious matters is often very inadvisable.

Have you been charged with human trafficking in West Palm Beach?

Being charged with human trafficking in West Palm Beach can be a life-changing occurrence, and most investigations and court cases will involve many complex moving parts. If you have found yourself charged with human trafficking, you need a team of experienced attorneys on your side who can provide guidance and counsel as well as representation.

At Joffe Law, our West Palm Beach defense lawyers can meet with you to discuss the specifics of your case, craft defense strategies that speak to the circumstances of your case and provide representation while you focus on other important aspects of your life.

To schedule your consultation, contact a federal defense attorney in West Palm Beach at our office 24x7x365 by calling (561) 800-0255.

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